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Are you tormented by constant pain and discomfort caused by bruising, sprains, or swollen joints? Do you suffer from inflammation, tissue injuries or muscle spasms? Do you choose to avoid or minimise taking paracetamol, ibuprofen or diazepam?

Soothe Arnica Super Cream by Coby Langford is the solution to getting rid of your annoying aches and pains safely and naturally.

The 100% natural Soothe Fast-Acting Cream includes ingredients known
to be powerful anesthetic and anti-inflammatory pain relievers, as well as muscle relaxants and tissue healers. Extracts from plants such as  Wintergreen, Frankincense, Lavender, Rosemary, Bergamot and the incredible tissue-healing Arnica are all combined in exact specifications
to bring maximum relief, quickly and harmlessly.

At Soothe Clinic, we are trained osteopaths, medical professionals, and pain-care experts who strongly believe in a holistic approach to pain relief.  All our products and practices have been specifically designed and formulated to help you deal with your pain using extremely effective
non-invasive methods.

We invite you to try our amazing Soothe Arnica Fast-Acting Super Cream and get the fast pain relief that you've been searching for!


Coby Langford

Coby Langford BSc. (HONS) Ost. Med.

Coby Langford is a UK Registered Osteopath, Naturopath and Elite Athletes Yoga Coach.

After many years treating musculoskeletal pain as an Osteopath, Coby realised that there was a big gap in the market for drug-free pain relief products. Having patients day in day out having to take high doses of pain relief drugs with the obvious difficult side effects led her to start researching natural alternatives to enable her patients to minimise the use of pain relief drugs.

Soothe Arnica Super Cream is the result of this endeavour. After 7 years of research and testing, Coby and her patients offer you this fantastic natural product. Try it and see for yourself!


More about Coby:

17 years experience as an Osteopath and 20 years experience as a Dru Yoga Instructor, brought her to an
  understanding of the incredible pain relief potential of the 2 combined professions. The ability of the body to self correct
  and relieve pain if given the right conditions is simply undeniable.

2 years as Osteopath and Yoga Coach to Liverpool FC first team taught her the rehabilitative and performance
  enhancing benefits of correctly applied yoga.

Coby actively promotes the medical application of yoga for pain relief, injury rehabilitation and injury prevention.
  She lecture Internationally on the medical application of yoga specially for back pain, neck pain, and injury prevention
  and rehabilitation.

She produced a range of products from topical application instant pain relief cream to audio and visual specific yoga
  programs to make drug-free pain relief accessible to all.


I wish there was a Coby in every GP surgery. Traditional medical approaches to resolving back pain do not tend to work. Coby’s approach DOES. DR HILARY JONES

Coby resolved my chronic back pain,
I now use her training techniques
in my daily routine...

Coby is the missing link my training was waiting for. I have not missed a day of play due to back pain. PEPE REINA

Powerful pain relief


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